ICYMI: Bare Roots go back to their actual roots in video for ‘Ride The Wave’


Growing from the working-class suburbs of Newcastle, Bare Roots have flourished into a rock band playing homage to the classics in their own, feel-good way. Their soulful sound is heard in debut single ‘Ride The Wave’, released alongside a throwback-themed video…

Bare Roots is completed by mates Anthony Francis (vocals, guitar), Joe Anderson (bass), Martin Corkhill (drums), and Ollie Petrie (guitar). Cooly reflected in their music video for the ‘Ride The Wave’ single is their ‘never forget where you came from’ attitude.

The video is a mash-up of flickering childhood and family home videos alongside relaxed rehearsal vibes from the band. It’s bittersweet and charming, reflecting back on the band members’ beginnings in life. Yet simultaneously playing tangy guitar riffs alongside raw rock vocals.   

Real heartfelt emotion is fuelling the song. Lyrics “I wanna be like you, I wanna be someone too” are played over videos of their fathers. If they’re trying to tug at our heartstrings, it’s working.

Hitting the Northern festival circuit this summer, Bare Roots have got an exciting 2019 ahead of them. Catch the boys play at Think Tank? Underground on the 19th of April.


Alex Carmichael


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