ICYMI: Grace Gillespie enchants on Elvis-inspired new single ‘I’m Your Man’


Delicate folk-pop artist Grace Gillespie definitely gained some new fans when she performed at the Head of Steam’s WMN event. Her new single ‘I’m Your Man’ is a daydream creation with spectacular effect…

During the first edition of the WMN All-Dayer that took place at Head of Steam and was organised by Robyn Walker (frontwoman of the band Picnic) and Rhys Melhuish (founder of Rhyme. Events & Promotion), we discovered absolute gem, Grace Gillespie. The young woman from South-London sang her songs alone with her guitar and charmed all of the attending music-lovers. Her unpretentious performance made us remember what making music is all about: passion.

Grace Gillespie released her new single ‘I’m Your Man’ last week, and at the same time announced her debut EP ‘Pretending’. With the single and upcoming EP, Grace Gillespie is exploring the world of psych-pop with her new solo material. ‘I’m Your Man’ was inspired by an interview scenario during a recent job-hunt, Grace saying, “I could imagine an interview scenario where I was dressed up very sharply and was selling myself in an Elvis voice, shaking all their hands: look no further I’m Your Man.”  

The single is magnificent, using Grace’s voice as her strongest asset and the point of attention of this track. The sound of this song perfectly matches what the message of it entails, as it makes us daydream about our own dream scenario for a job interview. Dreamy with a hint of reality as we can only imagine anyone hiring Grace Gillespie after this fine piece of musicianship.  

On the 28th of July debut EP ‘Pretending’ will be released on Newcastle-based label Kaleidoscope. While hoping ‘I’m Your Man’ is a fine example of the rest of the songs that will be on the EP, we are also preparing ourselves for Grace Gillespie’s live set during Tipping Point Live on the 22nd of June!

Listen to ‘I’m Your Man’ below!

Laura Rosierse


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