ICYMI: Hands Off Gretel release emotional video for ‘Freak Like Us’


The new video ‘Freaks Like Us’ by Hands Off Gretel dropped on 7th June. This is the 4th video release from their highly anticipated second album ‘I Want The World’…

‘Freaks Like Us’ is the next track to take centre stage. It departures from their usual punk/ grunge sound, with a scrubbed up and polished look to showcase the standout ballad of the album.

Dressed in a red sparkly ball gown and shouting into a fifties style mic, Lauren Tate announces her presence in the most emphatic manner in the new video from Hands Off Gretel for the single Freaks Like Us.

‘Freak Like Us’ is dedicated to the outcasts. To those that feel lonely and misunderstood. The video reflects on frontwoman Lauren Tate personally story when she was banned from performing at the talent show when she flipped the middle finger to the girls whispering and laughing at her in the audience.

Even though it is quite a simple and minimalistic video, it spreads an important message to ignore haters and believe in yourself.

Their newest album ‘I Want The World’ was released this year. It features twelve-tracks highly addictive, and sometimes vindictive, melodic rock that is unafraid to blend the heavy screeching distortion of grunge rock with the catchy hooks of bubblegum pop, whilst keeping true to their original roots in punk rock.

The band kick off their UK Tour this month, with 17 dates planned across June and July and festival appearances at Isle of Wight Festival, Kendal Calling, Rebellion Festival and Amplified Festival. They also are coming to Newcastle’s Think Tank? on 11th July, so make sure you get your tickets now!




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