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ICYMI: The Story So Far show maturity on 'Proper Dose' - Gigs North East


ICYMI: The Story So Far show maturity on ‘Proper Dose’


Pop Punk band The Story So Far have opened up a new chapter on ‘Proper Dose’, their first album in three years…

Thanks to their absence, people assumed the band’s self titled and third record, released in 2015, was their last.

Fortunately in September 2017, any fears this was the case were allayed by the release of single ‘Out Of It.’

In an interview with Kerrang! TSSF’s frontman Parker Cannon explained the reasoning for the gap between albums. Cannon had been contending with substance abuse and being in a dark, isolated place, themes which are explored in the track listing.

Cannon explained that the experiences which originally made him fall out of love with music actually came to be what informed the song writing on ‘Proper Dose.’

“For so long I’d been searching for a proper dose: of life, of music, of drugs, of whatever. It gave me this visceral energy, to just write and to really pour it all out.”

The Walnut Creek band have kept pop punk at the heart of their sound. Although, at the same time they have incorporated a wider pool of influences. Bands such as Oasis and The Beatles have helped to shape its sound.

This has informed a more mature sound which avoids cliches but the energy is still there.

To enjoy tracks from The Story So Far live, don’t forget the band are playing in Newcastle on 11th October at Riverside.



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