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Covering Natalie Imbruglia and downing Buckfast via a didgeridoo is all in a day’s work for Creature. Find out more interesting snippets about the band ahead of their Meet The North slot here…

Meet The North is all about discovering new artists that surprise us, so tell us something about your band that we might not already know.

We’d been playing in Newcastle for years in separate bands before we met and formed Creature, so you may recognise us from other things. We also used to cover Natalie

Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’ to fill space before we had a full set.

What’s been going on in your world, any new releases coming up or already out that we should look out for?

We just released ‘Reborn’ a few weeks ago, our first single with new drummer, Jamie

Oliver. We’ve got studio time booked for another two singles and a load of shows to look forward to in the next few weeks.

Newcastle has some stunning Northern eccentricities, like the ability to have a Greggs pasty mid-way through a night out, but what’s the most ‘Northern’ thing you or any of your bandmates are guilty of?

I feel like this is probably going to be something Jamie has done. I’ve actually watched him drink a whole bottle of Buckfast down an old Didgeridoo. Thats Little Buildings for you. Allan Scorer shouting “He’s going to Didgeri-spew!” made it one of the highlights of this year.

We’ve got some great acts playing across Meet the North and Hit the North, who are you most excited to see?

We’re really looking forward to discovering some new bands! No Teeth and Sick Joy are both on the lineup though. We’re lucky enough to have played with them both before and they just get better every time we see them.

Got any hot tips for Northern acts not playing the festivals we should keep our eye out for?

There’s a lot of talent in the north at the moment and I couldn’t possibly name everyone.

Watch out for Hightower Temple who’ve got an EP on the way that I’ve actually done some work on. Every track is killer so I’m looking forward to seeing it released. PussyWillowFurryVenus who’ve helped us out a lot and always put on a great show, NVDE, Winter Band, Duchess, theres too many, seriously.


Creature play Meet the North on Saturday 5th May as part of the bigger Hit the North Weekend. Weekend tickets for the festival are nearly sold out so act quickly to grab yourself access to Drenge, Circa Waves, Jungle, Peace, Rat Boy, The Horrors, Tom Grennan and so many more amazing acts across the weekend.



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