Nue North East: St Buryan release latest single ‘Giving In’ after signing


St Buryan are marking a new chapter in their musical career with the release of ‘Giving In’. The song is the first of three singles from the band which will be released via Sound-Hub records…

The North East quintet are no strangers to hard work. ‘Giving In’ is their fifth single to date and it shows the band are taking things to the next level in the wake of their signing.

The song is all about some of the pains and frustrations young adults feel when comparing themselves to others, especially those who appear to be in a better position.

Vocalist and lyricist Ben states, It’s about getting to a stage in your life when/where you realise that everything around you is just a little bit broken and/or lost. It doesn’t matter how hard you work, even from a young age, there’ll be others around you that will do better than you without working… The song looks into the frustrations and coping mechanisms that feeling can bring out in someone.”

Despite the overarching sense exasperation, St Buryan channel these feelings into an energetic indie tune. It’s the sort of track which people can dance along to until their worries fade away.

It seems that people who have seen St Buryan live lately are doing just that. Drummer Rhys explains We didn’t intend to record this song as quickly as we did. Once we’d finished piecing the track together, we performed it live for the first time a few days later. It was a little bit shaky, but still went down really well. It was the one track everyone was talking to us about afterwards. It’s got a great riff, and fantastic energy behind it.”

Be sure to come and watch the band live in the North East on 27th April for an extra special headliner show at Think Tank?, Newcastle.



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