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Aklias formed in early 2019 in the highlands of Scotland. By combining each of the members main influences of Groove Metal, Metalcore and Melodic Death Metal, from there, they quickly began gaining a following within their local music scene.

Featuring Steven Hossack (Lead Vocals & Bass), Nathan Mackie (Rhythm Guitar & Backing Vocals), Ryan Davidson (Lead Guitar) & Frankie Haymer (Drums). This four piece instantly bonded over mutual influences and began working immediately on all of all of their collective ideas.

With a love for 2000’s metal, Aklias blends those influences with all their newer influences. By creating a unique blend of metal and making them stand out in the music scene.

In April 2022, Aklias entered the studio to begin recording their first EP titled “All My Sins”, which was released 11/11/2022. Their debut single “Rotting Away” was released 28/09/2022

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