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Introducing Hearts, consisting of members from Catfish and The Bottlemen(UK), The Bongo Club(SE) and Bottlecap(SE), they are one of the latest additions on the Swedish music scene.

Sharing an impressive history of extensive touring, playing venues all over the world, the band have thousands of hours of adventures behind them. These experiences, and a shared passion for playing live is the foundation of Hearts. Living and breathing being in bands for the last decade, there’s nothing they know better, and Hearts will keep championing guitar-music moving forward. With musical influences from the indie heroes of the noughties brought into 2023, Hearts deliver a modern rock sound ready for the festival stages.

The band's upcoming debut ‘EP1’ set for release October 20th features four songs that all took form in a rehearsal room before being live-recorded, making sure it would not go unnoticed that this is a product performed by a real band with real people. No nonsense, it’s just real music.

Building on the momentum from singles ‘Slide’ and ‘Collide’, the band are getting ready to connect with an audience and make their impact on the music scene.

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