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Why do we listen to music? Why do we go to gigs? Because it’s an escape from our problems? To enhance and magnify our emotions? For togetherness? Well, I challenge you to see the face of someone in the audience at Lottery Winners show not totally beaming. This is exactly why they’re quickly becoming one of the UK biggest and best live bands.

You only have to attend one gig, or even read any review, to know this band are different. Their music is important and meaningful and their live shows are unique and enlightening. Mix the charisma of front man Thom Rylance, witty as he is electric, with the cool, sultry bass of Katie Lloyd, the pounding powerhouse of Joe Singleton on drums and Rob Lally’s slinkymelodies and you have something unmissable. Unignorable.

The band’s third studio album, Anxiety Replacement Therapy (A.R.T), is set to be released late in April. Already previously producing a wealth of star spangled collaborations of industry greats such as Nickleback, Frank Turner, Sleeper and KT Tunstall, the Lottery Winners’ third album is setting the bar even higher, with the likes of Shaun Ryder, Boy George and once again Frank Turner gracing the record.

This band are destined for greatness. Ask anybody who’s ever experienced them.

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