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PLANET are back with the euphoric “Resign”, their eagerly anticipated first release of 2021.

“Resign” opens with a dynamic wall of lush guitar chords and searing licks over a punchy, driving rhythm section. Compelling alt-pop vocal hooks push the track forward towards the heartfelt, anthemic release of its chorus: “I’m breaking at the seams // Life was always short”. Lyrically, the song offers a deft counterpoint to the summery pop of the music in its powerful articulation of the crushing moments of self-doubt that can be experienced in a relationship.

Lead vocalist/guitarist Matty Took explains: “Resign is a pop summer anthem with the instrumentation hitting you straight in the face. Lyrically, it's about not being enough in someone's eyes and how it affects you to the point of collapse, but trying to break past it to make it work.”

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