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Friday, 10 May 2024
Riverside, Newcastle



Spike announces forthcoming Quireboys album 'Wardour Street' and new single 'Jeeze Louise' as Thunder's Luke Morley steps in on guitar duty!

"I think all you rock n' rollers of a certain age should remind the younger generation of the Queerboys and Terraplane, and how we rocked 'Bush Telfer's' Marquee Club on Wardour Street all them years ago. There was never a dull moment in Soho in them days, from going to the St Moritz to Buttz n' Spikes Club or The Ship or Intrepid Fox.

Then all of a sudden - we became the Quireboys, they became Thunder and we played huge festivals all over the world plus doing some amazing shows together. To this day we all remain great friends, so I am very happy to announce that Luke Morley from Thunder will be joining us on guitar for the new album 'Wardour Street', and for festivals and live concert tours in 2024.

Everyone get ready for a rock n' roll 2024, love Spike x"

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