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GZA, one of the celebrated members of rap collective Wu-Tang Clan, comes to Newcastle on 10th April 2019. The iconic artist will play a fittingly iconic venue: Riverside.

This upcoming show from the rapper promises to be extra special as he will be performing the full track listing of ‘Liquid Swords’.

This album, which was GZA’s second solo offering and his first since the formation of Wu-Tang, is often cited as the best solo LP from any member of the collective.

In a way, ‘Liquid Swords,’ is still very much a Wu-Tang project. This is because it features all nine of its members. Production duties were also undertaken by RZA, the self professed leader of the group.

Since its release, the album has endured in terms of critical claim. Reviewers tend to agree on GZA’s status as a lyrical mastermind.

Don’t miss out the remarkable opportunity to see the genius himself.



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