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The Orb – 13/10/18 – Riverside, Newcastle

Hot on the heels of critically acclaimed new album ‘No Sounds Are Out Of Bounds’, longstanding electronic titans The Orb are pleased to announce a 6-date UK tour this Autumn, in celebration of 30 illustrious, fun-filled and envelope-expanding years. The celebratory shows will feature a 30thAnniversary Greatest Hits set highlighting the best of The Orb, alongside debuting tracks from their brand new album.

Really, The Orb should need no introduction, but in essence, they’re a rotating cast of members helmed by Alex Paterson that began in 1988 and still thrives to this day. They were there since UK acid house day one, providing a unique ambient take on the musical milieu and soon rising to chart-topping, huge-venue-headlining prominence.

Always exploring the outer reaches of sound, over the years, The Orb’s humour-tinged, ne’er boring palate has encompassed ambience, electronica, house, techno, dub, global sounds and, in recent years, also embraced hip-hop and minimalist composition.

They’ve released 17 albums plus EPs, singles, compilations and live recordings, influencing countless other musicians along the way.

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