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Track of the week - Gigs North East

Track of the week

Cortney Dixon – Parliament Of Owls


Cortney Dixon makes motivational music surprisingly heartwarming on stunning new single ‘Parliament Of Owls’…

Dixon’s latest track, centred around the theme of making a fresh start, effectively highlights her distinctive honeyed vocals. Previously, Dixon’s music has been compared to the likes of Stevie Nicks and Kate Bush- unique and timeless yet slightly nostalgic sounding.

‘Parliament Of Owls’ is no different. It’s the perfect gentle ‘pick me up’ song for anyone going through a bit of a rough time. 

Dixon may only have a handful of releases to her name but the South Shields based singer-songwriter is quickly gaining a fanbase thanks to live appearances and support from BBC Introducing North East. 

Come and see Cortney Dixon live soon at music festivals including Women Are Mint, Tipping Point Live and Corbridge Festival.

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – ‘Reducer’


Newcastle’s Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs channel Black Sabbath on new track ‘Reducer’, the first single from their upcoming third album ‘Viscerals’…

Pigsx7 have made a name for themselves with their doom-laden metal sound that feels like a modern take on the golden formula developed by their 70s leather-clad predecessors.

Having previously made tracks over 15 minutes long, ‘Reducer’ sees the five-piece trim things down to an easier to swallow 4 minutes 40. Despite this, the boys haven’t sacrificed their expansive sound. The track begins a fast paced affair, frontman Matt Baty delivers defiantly punk vocals that build into a crescendo of screeching riffs. 3 minutes in Pigs transition back to their downtuned roots, upping the 70s doom with bludgeoning guitars and distinctly Ozzy Osbourne-esque vocals.

“Ego kills everything” Baty chants as ‘Reducer’ trudges towards a heavy end, in a segment that harks back to early Black Sabbath with an even more rebellious edge. The first single from their upcoming album, due out Friday 3rd April, ‘Reducer’ sets ‘Viscerals’ up to be Pigs’ biggest album to-date!

Hector Gannet – ‘The Haven of St. Aidan’s’


Making your debut song release just short of ten minutes long is certainly a risky strategy but For Hector Gannet this works magnificently. Their new track ‘The Haven of St. Aidan’s’ is an entrancing masterpiece…

Hector Gannet shape shift between being a solo project and fully fledged band. However, both formats are spearheaded by musician Aaron Duff. The outfit have been gaining traction thanks to a superb live reputation.

‘The Haven Of St. Aidans’ is a sonic journey, highlighting all facets of Hector Gannet’s sound. It begins with a lilting, ambient guitar melody as Duffy sings about the scenic North East coastline. The folky introduction then gives way to a crisp, expansive arrangement with lyrics shrouded in local mythology before finally settling on an ominous but beautiful crescendo. 

Of the song, Duff states “The Haven of St Aidan’s was inspired by viewing vintage archive footage of the north east of England, and the history of the coastline and the Farne Islands. Focusing partly on the religious heritage and also on the heroic story of Grace Darling. The song ebbs and flows somewhat, and its mood changes much like the sea, and culminates in what could be seen as the panic that may have gripped people on board the stricken Forfarshire during the storm. ‘We’re going to Big Harcar, so throw the buoy over!’”

Hector Gannet have a show at Tynemouth & District Working Mens Club in November which is sadly sold out. However we strongly recommend keeping an eye out for chances to see them live!

Bare Roots – Dirty Feet


‘Dirty Feet’ is the fourth single from Bare Roots. It’s that kind of foot stomping rock’n’roll that there just isn’t enough of in the world right now… 

‘Dirty Feet’ is the band’s most upbeat release so far. The track is firing on all cylinders with a cheerful outlook. Its sound is anchored with weighty guitars and drum fills, making it a satisfying listen. 

The lyrics were written with an air of sarcasm as frontman Ant Francis states “Our bassist, Joe… once passingly joked that I only write sad songs… So while on my lunch break at my old bar job, which I despised, while eating a cheese sandwich, I toyed with the idea of writing ironic lyrics about how great everything was…” 

Despite the initial irony, Ant and Bare Roots are genuinely optimistic about the track. “Dirty Feet is our loudest release to date… We were excited when we first wrote it, there was something about it which felt like it was made for festivals! I just hope it makes people feel good. Although the lyrics were written ironically I definitely feel like it’s a positive and up-lifting number.” 

PLAZA – Bolostitcher


‘Bolostitcher’ by Plaza is a haunting track from the Hartlepool quartet which displays a change in sonic direction… 

It’s accented with shiver inducing riffs, ominous basslines and subtle synths- a first in the band’s discography. These elements combine to create a stark atmosphere more chilling than an autumn night. 

Lyric-wise, ‘Bolostitcher’ takes listeners to a dark space, which seems to be a theme in Plaza’s upcoming EP ‘Wernotplaza II,’ on which the song appears. Vocalist Brad Lennard has explained it’s all about “loss, feeling like everything in your life isn’t going to work out and feeling like you have no one to turn to.”

Listen to the cathartic track below. 

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