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Bare Roots – Ride The Wave


Bare Roots are a band new band hailing from Newcastle who have just burst onto the scene with their debut single ‘Ride The Wave’…

‘Ride The Wave’ is a delight, bringing together 80s rock soundscapes with a soulful rock and roll edge popularised by bands in the 90s. 

The track is a statement of intent with lyrical content based on the personal experiences of frontman Anthony Francis in a previous job role. Many people will be able to relate to the track if they have ever felt dissatisfied with an unrewarding 9-5 role.

Despite this, the song has an upbeat, epic sound that acts as a hopeful silver lining. There are plenty of chances for you to see this exciting new band in the coming months. Festival wise, this year Bare Roots will appear at Stockton Calling, Hit The North and Friday at This Is Tomorrow. 


PLAZA – ‘Hold’


PLAZA return with ‘Hold’, another sweeping tour de force from the Hartlepool “post-indie” band…

‘Hold’ is atmospheric and brooding from the off. The track has ruminative lyrics and includes the band’s signature innovative sound that seamlessly combines shoegaze and math rock.

PLAZA have kicked off their live performances for 2019 with support slots for A Festival, A Parade and The Pale White.

The band recently announced that their next big live outing will be at Stockton Calling on Saturday 20th April. Make sure you catch them perform ‘Hold’ and other brilliant tracks.

Reali-T – Billz 2 Pay


Instead of bragging about how much chains or cars cost, rapper Reali-T offers up a refreshingly honest and relatable money story on ‘Bills 2 Pay’. For this reason it gets our Track Of  The Week slot…

We’ve all been there at least once, rent and bills have all gone out, payday feels like an eternity away and to make matters worse you’re too skint for that big night out you’ve been eyeing up.

‘Bills 2 Pay’ sees Reali-T facing these anxieties head on with his usual savvy lyricism. The addictive track, which appears on the North East based rapper’s recent mixtape ‘Life Bars… Fam’ has gained extra traction lately thanks to its new music video.

Check it out below:

Ten Eighty Trees – Lip Service


Newcastle bred Ten Eighty Trees release their fourth track, and first of 2019, ‘Lip Service’. It’s packed full of their usual heavy reverberating guitar riffs and catchy hooks.

At just under three minutes, ‘Lip Service’ is a short yet sharp, and snappy track. Soulful vocals ripple through the song and punch their way through, accompanied by the crashing drums.

It’s a brilliant offering of alternative rock from Ten Eighty Trees. Fluctuating between intense and hard-hitting guitar riffs, to surprisingly glittery guitar chimes, it’s full of pleasant surprises.

Ten Eighty Trees appear at Newcastle’s intimate Think Tank? Underground on the 20th of April.

Swears – Subliminal


Swears are back with ‘Subliminal’, their most infectious single to date. At least we’ve been led to believe it is…

‘Subliminal’ lasts for roughly two and a half minutes. A catchy “na-na-na” melody paired with zesty guitar riffs gives the track an addictive surf rock quality. Don’t be fooled though. Listen a little closer and you’ll realise these distractions are hiding a deeper message.

In their own words Swears say “‘Subliminal’ is about the way in which we absorb attitudes and opinions from an invasive, all- pervasive media, which reaches into our lives, distorting our image of ourselves and those around us.” 

If you want to hear this fantastic tune and ‘Righteous Din’ (another former track of the week) live then you’re in luck. The band have two imminent shows supporting Rascalton and Strange bones. These take place on 8th February at Westgarth Social Club, Middlesbrough and the next day at Newcastle’s Think Tank?.

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