Track of the week

Callum Pitt – Happiness


Callum Pitt has quickly transformed himself from ‘just another singer-songwriter’ to one of Newcastle’s most promising alt-folk acts, complete with accomplished backing band and glistening new release ‘Happiness’.

Sharing a refreshing message of finding your own contentment,’Happiness’ is as airy as it is bright. With luscious melodies and harmonies to rival Fleet Foxes, Calum Pitt has created a rich and warming slice of spring freshness. Similar to the flowery bouquet of US band Whitney, ‘Happiness’ is yet another bar raise from a quickly developing artist.

Speaking about the release with Dork Callum Pitt explained:

“This song is about the phases that my mind, and I think lots of others go through in trying to find what our place in the world is,” he says, “and reaching a stage where you are content.

“It focuses on the ruts and holes we can fall into, our ability to stay positive and the importance of the people and small comforts that can lift us out of those ruts, and help us to just feel comfortable in our own skin. Hopefully, people can relate.”

The Old Pink House – Expectations


The Old Pink House are back and they’ve blown all of our ‘Expectations’ out of the water.

Trademark retro synth work makes way for unexpected funky breakdowns, throbbing guitars and frontman Chris’ sound barrier breaking vocals.

Sounding like a disco classic had a love child with a stadium rock anthem, ‘Expectations’ is quite possibly the bands best track to date.

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