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Soham De – Brave


You may know the name Soham De already, the young artist who originally hails from Kings Lynn but makes his new home in Durham, has been wowing audiences up North for the past few years.

It seems sheer word of mouth and talent has got Soham to where he deservedly is now, about to play Live at Leeds Festival and releasing his debut single ‘Brave’.

There’s not much that needs to be said about Soham De’s first offering other than it’s utterly breathtaking. Wracked with pain and exploding with poignancy, De’s soft fingerpicking style and subtly gruff vocal swells into an all-consuming storm of enveloping soul.

Equally stunning it’s Soham’s choice of cinematic accompaniment, a heart-breaking tale of a survivor of an acid attack. Touching and apart from the crowd, a perfect pick for Soham De.

Idle Hands – Swarm of Fear


Fans of Canyons rejoice! Idle Hands, a brand new band for the North East rise from the embers of the dreamy ensemble that have been slowly disappearing since the band called it a day last year.

‘Swarm of Fear’ the debut single from the four-piece (cat not included), is a deeply personal introduction to the band. Idle Hands manage to wrap up the lofty and emotive subject matter with fresh flowery acoustic guitars and touches of melancholy strings, delivering a comfortingly soft serenade.

Speaking about the track with Obscure Sound, Idle Hands have explained their motivations:

‘Swarm of Fear’ is a deeply personal song that is informed and inspired by the conflict, pressures and emotions felt by Helen through her work as a caregiver and psychiatric nurse and the struggle of trying to stay creative and passionate whilst working in high-pressure environments. The song considers these elements from Jim’s perspective; as a partner concerned about the strain of an emotionally strenuous vocation on a loved one and the challenge of switching off and offering affection or thoughtfulness when you have already given so much to others.’

Watch Idle Hands at their upcoming date on 22nd April at The Cluny for Farm Aid with Headclouds and Paul Smith.

Callum Pitt – Happiness


Callum Pitt has quickly transformed himself from ‘just another singer-songwriter’ to one of Newcastle’s most promising alt-folk acts, complete with accomplished backing band and glistening new release ‘Happiness’.

Sharing a refreshing message of finding your own contentment,’Happiness’ is as airy as it is bright. With luscious melodies and harmonies to rival Fleet Foxes, Calum Pitt has created a rich and warming slice of spring freshness. Similar to the flowery bouquet of US band Whitney, ‘Happiness’ is yet another bar raise from a quickly developing artist.

Speaking about the release with Dork Callum Pitt explained:

“This song is about the phases that my mind, and I think lots of others go through in trying to find what our place in the world is,” he says, “and reaching a stage where you are content.

“It focuses on the ruts and holes we can fall into, our ability to stay positive and the importance of the people and small comforts that can lift us out of those ruts, and help us to just feel comfortable in our own skin. Hopefully, people can relate.”

The Old Pink House – Expectations


The Old Pink House are back and they’ve blown all of our ‘Expectations’ out of the water.

Trademark retro synth work makes way for unexpected funky breakdowns, throbbing guitars and frontman Chris’ sound barrier breaking vocals.

Sounding like a disco classic had a love child with a stadium rock anthem, ‘Expectations’ is quite possibly the bands best track to date.

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