Album Review: Queen Zee rev up the punk in self-titled debut album


Rowdy punk band Queen Zee release their debut self-titled album amidst critical praise. The 5 piece punk band and their quirky style certainly make a bang, as do the noisy, fun-fuelled tracks on their brilliant new album…

You might have heard the name of Queen Zee drifting about over the past year or so. With numerous radio playlisted hit singles and a BBC Maida Vale set under their belt, this punk outfit have been steadily on the rise for a while now. It’s all coming to a head with the release of their eponymous debut album this week.

Few bands manage to successfully encapsulate their essence and everything they stand for right away. But there’s no mistaking where Queen Zee stand in the music industry. This scouse five piece are loud, proud, and not going to take any nonsense from anybody any time soon.

Queen Zee kicks off with “Loner,” a raucous retro anthem celebrating the social taboo of solitude. “Sissy Fists” will be familiar to anyone who’s been following Queen Zee for a while. This original is heavier and darker, and packed with the raw emotion that has fueled this band since the beginning.

It might be incredibly NSFW, but the album highlight for me comes in the form of “Porno.” Queen Zee are such a fiercely political band that this tongue-in-cheek could have fallen flat on this track list. Yet it manages to slot seamlessly into the album. And just because it’s a bit of a joke song doesn’t mean that they skimp on the production value. “Porno” is still an exceptionally well constructed punk rock song.

“Anxiety” might barely crack a minute in length, but this stripped back tune has an incredible guitar riff which could have carried a much longer song. Instead, this miniature is brutally honest in its short time. Relaying a message which anyone with anxiety will surely recognise.

Queen Zee finishes as it starts: with ridiculously fun punk in the form of “I Hate Your New Boyfriend.” They have a knack for writing very relatable songs about weirdly specific life experiences. You may not know of someone whose new boyfriend “looks like Courtney Love, but when she went insane,” yet you know exactly what they mean by it. Queen Zee don’t hold back with this song’s outro either. Its spoken word conclusion is the perfect finish to a spectacular album.

Queen Zee want to send a message with this record, and that message is that this is a band who want to change the world, and have fun doing it. I think they’re well on their way to succeeding.



Queen Zee play at Newcastle’s Think Tank? Underground on the 21st of February. Grab your tickets here.



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