Feature: Five things you gotta’ know about…Sextile


There’s no time like the present to get to know L.A punks Sextile who crash land at Think Tank on 20th January…

Their name is rooted in classical Astrology |  a sextile is an astrological aspect that is made when two planets or other celestial bodies are 60 degrees apart.

They released their second album last year | The band dropped ‘Albeit Living’ back in July 2017 with Louder Than War calling the album ‘Hypertense and hypnotic, dark and vitriolic, primitive and retro/modern. They sound like the underground in America should sound in 2017.  Angry, fucked-up, yet with a plan…’

They favour a ‘2-minute-max’ punk rock ethos | Only three out of ten songs on razor-sharp LP ‘Albeit Living’ exceeded the three-minute mark.

They don’t mind going hungry | Whilst on tour with Soft Moon, Sextile prooved that an entire band can survive on $15 dollars a day.

They’re big fans of Brian Eno | Brady from the band claims that Brian Eno is the only person he follows on Twitter and that he implements Eno’s famous Oblique Strategies when recording with Sextile; “I’ll be like, ‘OK, guys, we’re only playing things in one note and everybody’s gotta play a different rhythm.’ That’s how we came up with that song ‘Sterilized.’”

Sextile bring their primitive post-punk from outer space to Think Tank on 20th January. Come along and you might just learn a thing or two about astrology while you’re there.



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