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Feature: GNE Artist Focus 2020 - BARE ROOTS - Gigs North East


Feature: GNE Artist Focus 2020 – BARE ROOTS


At Gigs North East, we’re kicking off 2020 by shining a light on the North East’s emerging talent. In the next few weeks, we’ll be featuring artists who have caught our attention with their distinctive sounds and who we’re excited to see progress in the coming year…

Newcastle based band BARE ROOTS may have only begun releasing music at the start of last year. However, 2019 saw them sell out their first headline show at Think Tank? Underground, and play rousing sets at both This Is Tomorrow and Hit The North

The four-piece have gradually made their own mark on the North East’s music scene with their mix of alternative rock and grunge influenced sounds. BARE ROOTS’ latest offering, ‘Dirty Feet’ has been perfectly crafted for festival crowds with its weighty guitar fills and cheerful outlook. With new releases on the horizon, we caught up with the band to learn more about their 2020 plans. 

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Sincere, considered, dynamic.

Who or what has influenced your sound the most?

I wouldn’t say there were any particular individuals or bands who have directly influenced us. We love music and have always spent time exploring many genres. We seem to have an affinity with what I call ‘Humble Americana’. It’s basically anything from The War On Drugs or Bruce Springsteen to The Killers or Ben Howard. Music which is honest, utilises a similar set of instruments and always seems to have beautifully raw and endearing production.

What is your favourite song to play live at the moment? 

‘Always’! We usually play it once we’re a couple of songs into the set and when we all usually begin to feel settled. From a drum perspective, I find it the most fun to play, it’s more about feeling out a steady groove with that song rather than bashing the kit as hard as I can! Although it’s currently my favourite, I’m certain it’ll soon be overtaken by one of our newer tracks. We’ve got loads in the pipeline at the moment and we’re excited to play new music live. 

What are you most excited for in 2020? 

2020 is shaping up to be the year in which the band really comes into its own. We loved last year. It was the first year of the band’s existence and we finally had the chance to play live, release songs and just show our faces as BARE ROOTS! 

Bare Roots Promo Image 1

We’ve done a lot of exploring and learning in our first year, particularly musically. Although many artists believe their current material is their best, we truly feel that the music we plan to put out this year is a current representation of where we are as a band and is our best material. 

Aside from releases, we are fortunate to have been offered some early gigging opportunities including festivals, local shows and the chance to travel a little further afield. We can’t wait to get in and amongst it in 2020!

What is the most memorable gig you’ve ever played?

Having only launched in April last year, we’d have to say our debut headline show at Think Tank? Underground. We managed to sell it out and there was real electricity in the air that night. It was wonderful to get to play the music we’d worked so hard on to a crowd who really seemed to care!

Who are your favourite artists from the North East at the moment? 

There are loads! FEVA, Picnic, Pigs x7, Hector Gannet, Vandebilt, Ten Eighty Trees, Imogen, Motel Carnation and James Leonard Hewitson. 


BARE ROOTS will be heading to both This Is Tomorrow and Hit The North in 2020, so grab your tickets sooner rather than later! 




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