Feature: Top 5 Pulled Apart By Horses Tracks


Leeds rock titans Pulled Apart By Horses will be tearing up The Georgian Theatre, Stockton on 9th October. Before you dive into the mosh-pit, we’ve listed our five favourite tracks from the band to get you pumped for the show! 


One of the most recent tracks on this list taken from 2017 album ‘The Haze’, ‘The Big What If’ encapsulates some of Pulled Apart By Horses’ best qualities. It’s filled with soaring riffs, punchy vocals and intriguing lyrics! “I pray to my toilet bowl that I won’t be swallowed whole. I’ve never been here before. The blood’s rushing to my head.I’m riding out the storm, an overwhelming feeling of dread.”

High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive

The first of two tracks on the list taken from the band’s self-titled debut album, their second ever single ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ is without doubt the most unique track on this list. The song’s only lyrics: “High five, swan dive, nose dive, I’ll make you dance with my balls on fire, open up your sleeve, let me into you.” are repeated again and again with fluctuating riffs. When trying to research the meaning of this track on ‘’ I found but one comment, “what the fuck is this song?!”. Amazing.

I Punched A Lion In The Throat

Another fantastic title from another top tier song from the four-piece’s acclaimed debut album. ‘I Punched A Lion In The Throat’ is again light on lyrics, but the PABH boys have always been about quality over quantity and this tune once again delivers the goods. Full of attitude, front man Tom Hudson screams and tears his way through the track, again backed by muscular riffs perfect for moshing. “I punched a lion in the throat! Ultimate power! Maximum life!”

Lizard Baby

The first appearance of PABH’s new-sound 2014 album ‘Blood’ on our list, ‘Lizard Baby’ ushers in much more laidback, almost indie rock era of the band. A definite evolution for the band, the rawness of their debut is replaced with slicker vocals and a much more measured approach to song construction. Lyrically the boys still keep it as enigmatic as ever, “As you’re wearing that crown. Get it all out. Just to get it all down. Will you cover it off? Strip it all back. Take it all down.”

Hot Squash

The opener from 2014’s ‘Blood’, ‘Hot Squash’ is more reminiscent of PABH’s older material, walking the line between melodic rock and full throttle hard rock. Like the majority of the four piece’s back catalogue, it’s mosh friendly and made to rock venues when performed live. We can’t wait to see ‘Hot Squash’ and the rest tear apart Stockton on 9th October!



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