GNE Gift Guide: Gift ideas for the metalhead in your life


Struggling to find the perfect gift for your metalhead friends or partner? Are cargo pants and unreadable band t-shirts just not going to cut it this year? Don’t have a nightmare before Christmas, GNE has got you covered! We’ve pulled together some of the best metal gigs happening in the North East next year for your mosh-happy loved ones. MERRY PIT-MAS!

Insomnium w/ Conjurer @ Riverside, Newcastle – 25/01/20

We’re diving right into the leather jacket-clad deep end with some Finnish melodic death metal coming to Riverside in January. Insomnium have been plying their trade since 1997, rising to fame with their epic winding riffs and dark, sorrowful lyricism. Joined by the UK’s own Conjurer, who’s music was described by Maximum Volume as ‘like being bludgeoned and glassed at the same time as being kicked in the face,’ this ticket is the perfect gift for any of your masochistic pals.


Sleep Token @ Riverside, Newcastle – 29/01/20

And now for something completely different but just as dark. An anonymous masked collective that dress like ancient druids, Sleep Token are without doubt the most unique band you’ll have seen (and heard) in a while. Creating sonic soundscapes of technical metal and anthemic rock, Sleep Token switch from Bastille style vocals to brutal breakdowns like Jekyll and Hyde incarnate. A lovely little stocking filler for your favourite metalhead that can appreciate the odd soaring pop vocal.


Counterparts w/ Can’t Swim, CHAMBER (US) and Static Dress @ Riverside, Newcastle – 16/02/20

It’s time to open the f**king pit and get hardcore with Canadian stalwarts Counterparts! Forming in 2007, Counterparts have climbed the ladder to become one of the most respected melodic hardcore bands on the scene. Their defined yet raw sound has won them fans around the globe, backed up by their reputation as one of the tightest live acts currently tearing up venues. Supports Can’t Swim, CHAMBER and Static Dress will also be on hand to make this one of the biggest shows of the year. So, if you think the person you’re buying for would love to windmill their arms to the highest quality hardcore going, then this is the ticket for them!


Crossfaith @ Riverside, Newcastle – 07/03/20

Employing a kinetic blend of metalcore, dubstep, and industrial, Japanese outfit Crossfaith are for those metalheads that like to compliment their dark attire with a little bit of neon. Neon jokes aside, Crossfaith have made themselves stand out from the pack with their electronic influenced sound that still hits as hard as anything. This one is going to be wild, stick this ticket alongside a gum shield under your friend’s Christmas tree. 


InVisions @ Think Tank?, Newcastle – 22/03/20

Bringing things closer to home, York metalcore upstarts InVisions will be tearing up Think Tank? this March. Adrenaline-fuelled and so-called “cataclysmically heavy”, InVisions boast a heavy-hitting sound that also incorporates anthemic rock elements – the perfect combination for any entry level metalhead earning their stripes. In such an intimate venue this show is destined to be a crazy one, constant pits and stage invasions galore. If you can InVision (ayy) you and your friends getting sweaty at this one, then buy a pair of tickets and a bumper set of Lynx Africa now!




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