Interview: Lauran Hibberd Talks Playing Live, Newcastle Flares and Phoebe Bridgers


Remember This Is Tomorrow? The crowds, the electric atmosphere, the bra that got thrown on the stage while Lewis Capaldi was performing- Seems like forever ago doesn’t it? Well during the festival we had a little catch up with the wonderful Lauran Hibberd.  We have dusted off our interview with the off kilter indie artist just in time for her Think Tank? Underground show on 9th October…

If you could write a song with any artist, living or dead, who would it be?

Phoebe Bridgers, she is the love of my life, she doesn’t know it yet, but she will. I just think she’s insane. Lyrically, I’d read a shopping list she wrote and she’d make that sound like something I wanna read. I just wanna hang out with her really, she seems cool.

Have you been touring much?

We’ve just came off a headline tour this week actually! We were on a tour with Hippo Campus around Europe and the UK a couple of months back so we haven’t really stopped but that’s good! When I do stop I’m just like “What am I gonna do!?” so it’s nice to be out and about! We’re from the Isle of Wight so everywhere’s super far away, I forget how to walk a bit when I get out of the car! When we got here I was like “Is this grass??”

What do you like about touring compared to Festivals?

I think festivals are a totally different environment, my ears are super sensitive, so after two days of Festivals I’m like “Oh my god, I need some silence”, but I do love festivals. I love portaloos, I’m really good at getting changed in them, I’ll be making a big transformation in the next twenty minutes, in, out, BOOM. Festivals are great because they’re a good place for new people to find you, like you’re just there and you might as well go see this person or that person, you can just grab a beer and watch something new. When it’s a normal show it’s more people who’ve already listened to you before.

Anything you’re looking forward to completing by the end of this year?

I’ve got an EP coming out in September!* Which is super exciting, it’ll be my first proper debut record coming with vinyls so I can actually hold it and be like “I made this!”

*[Lauran’s EP ‘Everything Is Dogs’ is out now. Stream it here]

What’s your favourite song to play live at the moment?

Probably my single ‘Hoochie’, that’s a fun one, I do a really bad little guitar solo in it, it’s purposefully bad but funny, I enjoy that every time.

Have you been to Newcastle before?

Yeah yeah, we played Hit The North not that long ago and then we played at Riverside with Hippo Campus, so yeah, we’re not unfamiliar with Newcastle, it’s friendly! It’s so nice, my cousin moved up here so I came up to visit and we went to Flares, I’ve never forgotten about it! I was so content in there, I hate going out usually but we went in there and Abba was playing, then Smashmouth and I was like “Oh my god”. It felt like all they served was WKD, or maybe that’s all that I had, it just felt like I was having some weird dream. I love Newcastle, Flares for life. 



Lauran Hibberd’s Newcastle show is now down to it’s final tickets now. If you wanna come then get yours booked quickly!



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