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We chat KISS, veganism and new music with Oli Brown, guitarist of RavenEye ahead of their show at Think Tank, Newcastle…

Hello RavenEye, first things first, where in the world do we find you right now and what have you been up to today?

Hey there! Well, this time we’re finally back in the UK, we’ve been writing a lot of new music together as a band, it’s been nice to get some time together off-road where we can put our minds to something new for a while. Today I’ve spent all my time writing! There’s nothing like turning into a hermit and immersing yourself completely in music.

Can we talk about you guys supporting KISS!? Rock royalty, that must have been amazing?

It was unreal. We’ve worked hard to achieve playing that kind of room, but you never expect it and then when the opportunity came we completely lost our minds. It was such an amazing experience for us. The stages were massive, the crowds were insane and KISS were phenomenal to watch. It really was one of the greatest moments of our lives supporting such an iconic band through Europe.

Did you get to have a go of their costumes/makeup set-up or is it strictly black t-shirt dress code with RavenEye?

No! The outfits were heavily guarded, although for the tour announcement we got permission to tell our fans we are supporting KISS by putting on the make-up. It was such a big announcement for us that we had to do something special for it.

You released your first full-length album NOVA in September 2016, any plans for album number two in the pipeline?

All I want to do right now is sit in the studio and record the next album. We have so many songs ready to go that are a progression from NOVA and take the sound to the next level for us. NOVA was everything we wanted it to be and now as we’ve learnt more as a band all the sounds and choices we go for sound even more united, so this next record is going to be something special. It’s killing me that we aren’t in the studio right now!

It’s well documented that there’s a real blues/rock ’n’ roll edge to your sound, what influences do you draw from to create this?

Jimi Hendrix is a massive influence on our sound for the blues/rock n roll edge. We wanted some of the songs to have that natural fire to it that we keep growing and create an atmosphere with. So while there are songs that have a strict structure, there’s some tunes that just go out there where the energy takes us so we can lift sounds from the moment. That was my favourite thing about Hendrix, you never knew what you were getting, you could never predict where he went next and you could feel his energy emitting from everything he did.

You’re heading out on the road this month, what can fans expect from a RavenEye show?

Well, we’re going to be road-testing the new songs for the first time, which for us is really exciting. But we’re working hard on one-upping the show. We’re known by our fans for our energy and as people come to the show expecting that, the relationship between us and the crowd develops to something wild. We’re going out with a killer sound engineer for this tour so the sounds will be even bigger, we’ve toured so hard through this year that we’re tighter than ever and we’re excited for this tour. The last UK tour was amazing for us as we were still getting to know Adam (new drummer) and his playing throughout the live show so the unity was developing. But now we are all together in this madness and know where each other are going at all times, so there’s more of a controlled chaos in it all that makes the show journey to another level. Or the short version… the best show we’ve ever put on.



Raveneye / Shot in Camden Town, London / Rob Blackham /

Dealing with life on the road must be hard going, what’s your ‘tour survival kit’ of must-have items to get you through it?

We make it easy for each other, no divas, no drama and we love to rough it out. So for the most part, the road is the best bit for us, new challenges are exciting. The last tour we went on with BUSH we had to do a 28 hour none stop drive (we’re the drivers) so after the show we just got in the van and headed off to make it in time for the next gig, we JUST made it too haha.

But some definite essentials are peanut butter, hummus, and plant-based protein shakes! Also TripAdvisor is our best friend on the road too; we love to eat properly and roadside stops are stupid money, I choose all the places to eat as I’m vegan (queue the joke about vegans telling everyone they are vegan), so it can be a little more difficult at times to just roll into a place.

We’re all about new music here at Gigs North East, any new bands you’re listening to at the minute?

Skam! They’re supporting us on this tour and we love their sound, we also put out the word about getting local supports to join us on the shows at every town and that’s been incredible! Also painful deciding as there’s so many killer rock bands out there. So I’m going to throw you a list of the bands that we’ve got coming with us who I’d definitely recommend you to check out as their music is epic. Lightscape, Gin Annie, Voodoo Blood, Too Close For Missiles, iDestroy, El Moono, The Franklys, Departed, Wolff, Mosmo Strange, Anchor Lane and Black King Cobra. It’s going to be an epic run, so many new bands for us to enjoy before we play and a whole new energy around this tour for us.


RavenEye head to Think Tank? on 28th January. Don’t miss them blow off the cobwebs of January with their stadium-sized energy. Tickets still available.




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