Interview: The Joy Formidable


Your latest album AAARTH dropped in September, what can fans expect when hearing it out on the road?

It’s always interesting integrating new material into your set. All our albums brings their own flavour, sounds & a sense of nostalgia that’s unique to when & how they were made.

AAARTH is no exception & we’re enjoying it’s live character. It’s a very vibrant & passionate recording.


You’ve been playing together as The Joy Formidable for over 10 years, what continues to inspire you all in creating and playing music?

Life is always changing. Barely anything stays the same & even those constants can bring you endless inspiration if you let them.

It depends on how you’re wired but we wouldn’t be the same people if we weren’t doing something musical or creative. It’s the one life anchor we have.


You guys are from Wales, how big of a part does being Welsh play in your identity as a band and within your music?

It’s shaped us as people & songwriters for sure. What connects with us , the stories we’re telling, so much of it is set in North Wales. The Welsh language music that we’ve written are some of my favourite TJF moments & something that I want us to explore even more.

It’s Rhydian’s first language, my second , so I get a bit of a kick out of the lyrical challenge , it’s not quite as natural but that can bring something cool to the writing.

You return to play Newcastle on Valentines Day (this Thursday) are you looking forward to your return and hopefully seeing more of the city?

It’s always fun coming to Newcastle. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone. Non stop love songs & Michael Bolton covers all night.


What are your plans and hopes for the rest of 2019?

I’m getting twitchy to get back in the studio.

I love touring & playing every night but I have some ideas I’m excited to explore so I want to get going. We’re just finishing our ‘A Balloon Called Moaning’ celebration release too.

That’ll be the fun thing we put out this year. And excited for August to play with The Cure, Mogwai & The Twilight Sad. All our favourite bands in one bill.




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