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Playing This Is Tomorrow’s 2nd stage, Glaswegian up and comers The Snuts drew a crowd worthy of the main stage. Their anthemic indie bangers have solidified them as one of Scotland’s brightest bands, but the release of their latest single “All Your Friends” sees a more experimental side of the quartet. GNE’s Johno Ramsay caught up with the lads on their tour bus, as they celebrated post-set with booze, bud and Buckfast…

You’ve just released a new single, “All Your Friends” – what’s the reaction been like so far?

Jack Cochrane: We love it, it’s been really good so far. We didn’t really want to take the same turn as we’ve always kinda done with a new single, because we haven’t released anything in a while we felt we had to come with something a bit different, a bit of a curveball. We took a bit of a risk in the style that it’s in, but everybody seems to fucking love it, so that does us man.

Joe McGillveray: I think it represents our taste in music as well, ‘cause it’s no sort of the classic straightforward indie sound. It’s something a wee bit fresh and kinda different to the norm.

What was the inspiration behind the change in style, did you sit down and plan it out?

Jack: As it happened we were over in fucking LA, starting to the record the album, and fucking we were kinda just going through ideas and trying to mix some stuff up. We’ve been working with this mad producer, who’s like kinda…

Jordan Mackay: The craziest thing is that [All Your Friends] is the most normal sounding tune that we done…

Jack: We’re working with a mad producer that’s just trying to push things into a fresh place, doing what no one else is doing. That song shows a lot of what he’s getting us focusing on, new rhythms and stuff like that.

Callum Wilson: I think with guitar music it’s easy to fall into the landslide indie thing, so we thought we’d just try to change the game a bit.

Jack: We’re all about proving critics wrong and that, so if anyone says ‘It’s just another indie band’ or it’s another this, that or the next thing, then it’s like well… have a munch on that.

Callum: We also welcome every critic to a square-go.

Joe: That invitation is also open to anyone else that fancies a challenge.

Jack: The next stuffs gonna be even madder than “All Your Friends”…

Joe: It’s funny how every question turns into us challenging people to a square-go.

Jordan: It’s because we had to fight for our father’s affection…

You’re not long back from SXSW, what was the experience like performing in the US?

Jack: Good man! We started off basically just recording and stuff like that, it was quite a terrifying experience for four guys from the middle of nowhere basically. Fae there we kinda, we’re always trying to tour out of our bounds, no just play the same circuit that everybody’s playing and the kinda trap that people get caught in. So, the plan was to go over and see how well we’d be received by people who had never heard of us before. So, that was the plan, just tryna go over there and drip our toes in the water. We played LA, Texas, then New York man, so it was definitely challenging for us… but we wouldn’t have gone over there if we didn’t think we’d be received well.

Joe: We ate pizza in New York, smoked weed in Cali and shot guns in Texas! It was the American Dream! And we filled every room that we went to as well, which was kinda a surprise to start with…

Callum: Not just wae bodies, but wea fucking tunes!

The Snuts

Jack, last time we spoke to told me you think there’s a lot of boring guitar music around right now, what are you going to do to change that?

Jack: We are trying to be the direct antidote to boring guitar music.

Joe: It’s exactly what we’re doing right now, with the release of the new single, it’s different to what every other band in Britain… maybe further… has ever done.

Jack: Maybe even in the lost city of Atlantis!

Jordan: As much as everybody wants a laugh, nobodies ever done it before, but we have.

Jack: Because we’ve got to this stage there’s always that fucking glass ceiling that you get to. Especially when you’re an indie band, everyone just boxes you in and you can’t progress to the next thing. Especially the style that we’re trying to do with these releases and what we’re trying to do with the album, it’s just to go somewhere different and kinda regenerate a pretty much boring genre at the moment. So that’s where we’re going, but we still want to stay true to what we’ve always preached about – good choruses and music that involves everybody, we just wanna try to keep that authentic sound but also kinda push ourselves as musicians.

Finally, what can you tell us right now about the album?

Jack: The album’s kinda coming to us rather than us going to it. You get into this game and you think you’re just gonna walk in, do the album then it’s done but it’s not like that.

Joe: We’ve always been very aware of how important your first album is, we always thought it was gonna be one thing and in the past few months working with the people we’ve been working with, we’ve realised it’s no necessarily gonna be that.

Callum: Thing is, we’ve all still to write our best shit.

Jack: At the level we’re at we could play out for years, just keep playing the same stuff, to the same venues, the same crowds, the same festivals, but with this stuff we’re trying to go somewhere that’s gonna create a legacy for us. Basically all of our favourite bands have done everything that we want to do ourselves, so we’re trying to become our own favourite band and everybody else’s favourite band.

Joe: We’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over!


Fancy seeing The Snuts later this summer? Take a trip to Yorkshire for Bingley Weekender taking place on the August bank holiday. They play alongside Tom Grennan, Idles, Miles Kane, Fickle Friends and many more. Tier one tickets are on sale now…




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