News: Amber Arcades contemplates love’s irrationality on ‘Where did you go?’


Annelotte de Graaf sings about illogical attitudes towards love in her new Amber Arcades single ‘Where Did You Go?’…

The singer songwriter based in Utrecht. She has been releasing music under the alias Amber Arcades, for a few years now. ‘Where Did you go,’ is taken from her forthcoming second album under the name. This will be released on September 28th and is titled ‘European Heartbreak.’

‘Where Did You Go?’ which premiered on the Lauren Laverne show on BBC 6 Music is a breezy, vintage sounding tune.

Annelotte explains “This song is about the irrational nature of love. You need to keep telling yourself you believe in it in order for it to exist at all. On the other hand, maybe it’s a cool thing because of that. If it were more “real” it would just be another “thing” you can choose, like a brand of peanut butter. And I’m not so sure about whether always being able to choose all the things makes us better or happier in the end.”

The video for the track completes a three part short film soundtracked by Amber Arcades and directed by Elliott Arndt.  ‘Goodnight Europe,’ featured as part 1 of the trilogy while part 2 was soundtracked by ‘Simple Song.’

“In this final part the characters are making a final attempt to put their future together in the hands of destiny, or the universe, or whatever. I’m not sure it works out so well in this case.”

You have the chance to see Amber Acades for yourself this autumn in Newcastle. She will play Think Tank? On 6th October.  



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