News: Cancer Bats begin ‘Making of The Spark That Moves’ docu-series


Cancer Bats may have released ‘The Spark That Moves’ back in April but they are finally giving fans insight into the creative process behind the album…

The first installment of the docu-series landed on Youtube on 30th November. Although it is only around six minutes long, the documentary will have ten parts in total. This episode is predominantly concerned with the writing and pre-production stage of making the record.

It shows the band beginning work on the record in the Canadian city of Winnipeg, Canada. This is the hometown of Mike Peters, the band’s drummer. As Mike is now a father, the location was ideal for him to balance work and family life.

Cancer Bats also talk about the process before hitting the city to record. They cite the use of technology to share ideas and spending time apart as two ways which really aided the process.

To find out more check out the video in its entirety below.

It’s a perfect way to prepare for when Cancer Bats come to Newcastle on February 4th 2019. The band will be putting on an epic show at Think Tank?, Newcastle.



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