News: Easy Life channel Honeymoon Vibes on ‘Sunday’ Video


Easy Life encapsulate those honeymoon feels (and exaggerate them tenfold) on the video for ‘Sunday’. The lo-fi genre defying band play Newcastle this autumn…

‘Sunday’ is all about those moments at the start of a relationship when you and your partner can’t get enough of each other. The video depicts frontman Murray Matravas and a love interest holed up in a plushy bedroom blissfully unaware of the world outside and their hair growing very, very long.

The lo-fi tune, which blends the smooth freshness of R&B and the relaxed leanings of slacker pop certainly matches the tone of the song lyrics and video.

Easy Life are certainly making a big impression in 2019. In the wake of appearing on the FIFA 19 soundtrack for their song ‘Nightmares’, Easy Life have been key players on the festival scene and their fan base has grown exponentially. The band were a highlight for many at Newcastle’s Hit The North in May.

While Easy Life certainly poised for great things this year, there’s still a bit of time to make sure you catch them live early on. Tickets are now available for their next Newcastle show taking place on October 10th at Riverside. In other news about the band, be sure to check out their latest tracks: ‘Houseplants’ and ‘Spaghetti Hoops’.



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