News: ‘Family of Aliens’ from Teleman hits top 20 in the UK Album Chart


Teleman are back with their third album ‘Family of Aliens.’ The album is currently No. 19 on the official UK Album Chart…

‘Family of Aliens’ sees the band trying out an eclectic mixture of moods and genres. There is a lot of variation but somehow the band manage to put their definitive stamp on the record.

One of the hallmarks of the album is that there are moments that clearly lend to the upbeat sounds of 80s pop. Maybe it’s the nostalgic atmosphere that has made it so popular?

At the end of the day though, who are we to speculate? The simple truth is that it’s a great album!

If you’ve enjoyed ‘Family of Aliens,’ then make sure you see Telemen live in Newcastle this autumn.

They are going to be performing at Riverside on October 12th as part of their latest European tour.



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