NEWS: Grammy nominated Hip-Hop producer turned solo star S-X heads to Newcastle


S-X is a name you may be unfamiliar with, but in circles of superstar hip-hop and grime artists S-X is renowned as one of the best underground producers in the game. The Wolverhampton native has a star-studded music production CV featuring some of the biggest names in urban music. S-X has been slowly growing his reputation as a solo performer over the last few years, putting out two dynamic projects in 2018. His latest EP ‘True Colours’ is due to be released imminently, bringing S-X to Newcastle’s Think Tank? Underground on 4th October promoting the project. 

Coast to Coast Connections

S-X has worked with some of the USA’s top hip-hop stars in his production career, a list that includes Lil Wayne, Young Money, Lupe Fiasco and J.Cole. However, S-X’s biggest achievement came early in his career, when he got the chance to work with Childish Gambino (Donald Glover). The young Brit helped produce Gambino’s iconic 2013 album ‘Because The Internet’, landing S-X a GRAMMY nomination for the work and a feature verse from Gambino on S-X’s track “Free At Last”. Talking to RIDE Music about his production work, S-X said “It’s pretty insane to be honest. I’m most proud of Lil Wayne, just because that’s someone I grew up listening to and I always knew I was going to do it. I made it my mission. So to actually do it was a proud moment for sure.”

Grime for Time

Not only has S-X helped create some iconic hip-hop beats, he’s also responsible for a number of hard-hitting grime bangers. Working with some of the UK’s most respected artists like Skepta, JME and Jaykae. S-X is without a doubt a talented producer, but working with all of these artists has also helped him craft his own unique solo sound. “I put out my first song in March 2017 as an ‘artist’,” S-X told RIDE Music. “Since then it’s just been a fun ride of not taking it too seriously until now really. I knew I had a lot of growing and learning to do, which I feel as though I’ve done now. So now for me, it’s more about taking it to the next level which is exactly what I plan to do.” 

S-X’s ‘True Colours’ tour is set to be a big milestone in the young artist’s career, don’t miss your chance to catch him before he inevitably achieves superstardom!



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