News: Hippo Campus release Spotify Singles


Hippo Campus listeners may be more acquainted with their upbeat indie pop sound. Their latest spotify single releases however, prove that the band sound just as good when they strip things down…

The group, who originally hail from Minnesota in the US, recorded the tracks in Spotify’s New York Studios. Two tracks have been released from the session.

The first of these is a pared back version of ‘Bambi’. Whilst the original version of the track was accented with upbeat synths, the Spotify single employs folky guitars that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Sufjan Stevens record.

The other song on the release is a mesmerising rendition of ‘Baby’ by Donnie & Johnny Emerson (a track recently made famous by Ariel Pink). It has stunning harmonies which will warm your cockles right up in these winter months.

Both tracks are of course available to stream on Spotify. If you want to see the band perform for yourself then stop by Riverside, Newcastle on 16th February 2019 as part of their upcoming ‘Bambi Tour’. 



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