News: Idiot America to perform Green Day hits at Riverside this September


Green Day have no plans to come to Newcastle any time soon. However the great news is that Idiot America, a premier Green Day tribute act, are playing Riverside on 21st September. The upcoming show celebrates the 15 year anniversary of Green Day’s iconic album ‘American Idiot’…

Idiot America are a Newcastle based Green Day tribute act made up of four lifelong fans of the influential rock band. They bring all of Green Day’s raw energy to their performances, so much so that they would certainly do the original act proud. For the upcoming Riverside show, Idiot America will perform all of the hits from ‘American Idiot’ and so much more. 

‘American Idiot’ contains some of Green Day’s biggest tracks to date. It is also arguably the band’s best loved album for fans and critics alike. Notable songs from it include its title track, ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’, ‘Holiday’ and ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’. 

The themes of the album, mostly centered around criticising American politics at the time of release, still resonate with audiences a decade and a half on. 

Green Day channeled their messages on ‘American Idiot’ through the infectious, upbeat medium of pop punk. This stoked a fire in many fans of the genre with the members of Idiot America included. 

Lead vocalist Tom Condon explains, “This album was the soundtrack to so many of our collective teenage years and certainly was what inspired me and the rest of the boys in the band to club together and put on a show to truly do the album justice” 

Bassist Ewan Clementson adds, “We’re such big fans of the band that we could already recite the full album right down to the last note, that’s why we’re putting so much energy into replicating everything as closely as we can to the record and to Green Day’s live show…we know the die-hard fans will appreciate this”

Idiot America’s show will give North East based Green Day fans the chance to experience adrenaline raising anthems like ‘Holiday’ and of course ‘American Idiot’ live. They will also bring crowds together for one big singalong on emotionally charged tunes like ‘Boulevard of Broken Dreams’ and ‘Wake Me Up When September Ends’. 

There’s great news for fans of classic Green Day too as a section of the show will be dedicated to Green Day’s earlier catalogue. This includes massive hits like ‘Basket Case’, ‘Longview’ and ‘Welcome to Paradise’. 

Guitarist Sam Wingrove states “It’s all about just switching off from the rest of our lives for a night and enjoying the throwback to our formative years… jumping around to ‘Jesus of Suburbia’ playing on Kerrang or sitting for hours trying to learn to play the songs on guitar in front of the mirror…I think it will be a great night and we’re all dead excited about it!” 

Don’t miss your chance to see Idiot America live in Newcastle this September. The band will be supported by Thanks For The Mammaries, a Fall Out Boy tribute act and an old-school Paramore tribute. The night will be a heavy hitting, pop-punk nostalgia fest!



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