NEWS: Johnny Marr sets sights on creating a New Order supergroup


After creating his legendary legacy with The Smiths, Johnny Marr has always been a musician keen to collaborate and innovate with artists across the rock spectrum. Having already released 11 albums with six different bands and three solo efforts, Marr is still toying with the idea of creating a new supergroup! 

In an interview with NME, just after Marr joined The Killers on stage at Glastonbury last week, the guitarist turned frontman revealed that he’s in talks with former Electronic band-member Bernard Sumner about reuniting the band. However, Marr also wants to bring other members of New Order into the picture to create something for fans to really get excited about.

“I think me and Bernard will probably do something again in the future, maybe I’d like to rope Stephen Morris in at some point. Stephen’s always been one of my favourite musicians – not just because he’s from Manchester, but no one’s ever managed to play like him, before or since. Also, I really rate Gillian too,” he told NME, before joking: “So maybe I’ll just join New Order… on bass.”

Marr’s post-Smiths resumé makes for eye-opening reading, over the years he’s lent his golden touch to the likes of R.E.M, The Cribs, Oasis, Blondie, Pearl Jam and even Tom Jones! Those are only six names off an ‘album credits’ list that’s 41 names long – Girls Aloud being the most eyebrow raising artist featured! Whether this New Order meets Electronic supergroup happens or not, Marr will go down in history as one of the most hard working musicians of his generation.

Johnny Marr makes his way to The Middlesbrough Empire on 1st August, after New Order’s Peter Hook is set to play Newcastle’s Wasteland Festival on 14th July!



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