NEWS: Local Lad Sam Fender’s Debut Album ‘Hypersonic Missiles’ is out TODAY!


North Shields native Sam Fender’s long awaited debut album was finally released at midnight last night! 

‘Hypersonic Missiles’ is a thirteen track indie-rock exploration of the experiences that moulded Sam into who he is today. The album is filled with relatable social commentary on things that all twenty-somethings will have experienced growing up in the North East; or anywhere in the UK for that matter.

Sam’s debut features poignant hits like “Dead Boys” and titular track “Hypersonic Missiles” that tackle issues ranging from world politics to male suicide. Lighter cuts “Will We Talk?” and “Call Me Lover” explore the fleeting nature of young romance and the emotional pitfalls of one-night-stand culture. 

Lots of music fans turned up in Newcastle City Centre last night, queuing to be the first to get their hands on the LP at Beyond Vinyl’s midnight launch event. Sam had been to the shop only a few days before to sign a limited amount of picture discs that were quickly snapped up by the devoted midnight revellers.

It’s clear this album marks something special for not only Sam Fender, but North East music in general. Sam Fender represents the mainstream spotlight being moved onto the North East after a long time in the dark. Sam’s Hypersonic Missiles have hit the target with deathly accuracy – this is just the beginning!


Who’d have thought that Sam Fender would now be going on to play at Newcastle’s Utilita Arena?! Set your alarm to get tickets from 9 am for the pre-sale on Wednesday 25th September or general sale which is happening on Friday 27th September from the same time. 




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