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News: Marsicans ask "what if?" on video for 'Your Eyes' - Gigs North East


News: Marsicans ask “what if?” on video for ‘Your Eyes’


Marsicans have a band new video for their single ‘Your Eyes’ which deals with anxieties that have plagued many a 20-something…

Adulthood can be great. You’re free to leave the house when you want and stay up until whatever time you like. However, it’s easy to feel left behind when you compare yourself to your peers who are suddenly buying houses, having babies and all that jazz. Luckily Marsicans have the perfect song for that.

‘Your Eyes’ is the indie bop in question and it shows exactly why Marsicans are one of the hottest bands around at the minute.

James Newbigging, the group’s vocalist/ bassist explains “Your Eyes is a song about a particular time in my life when I felt I was being left behind by those around me. Everyone I had grown up with was making these big life decisions and overarching plans for the future, whilst I was still treading water. I wondered what they might think of me, or whether they were secretly feeling unsure of themselves but putting up a front.”

The track has a brand new video too depicting the band performing the track in a dimly lit bar. It was made with a film company called Sodium who are based in Marsicans’ hometown of Leeds.

Newbigging elaborates “The video basically shows our alternative selves watching our real selves performing. So it’s something of a “what might have been” if we all didn’t choose to pursue a career in music, tying in with the song’s main theme about choosing your path in life.

For more Marsicans related goodness in your life catch them at Think Tank?, Newcastle on April 12th or alternatively see them at This Is Tomorrow on 26th May 2019.




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