News: No Hot Ashes are out of this world on ‘Extra Terrestrial’


No Hot Ashes have launched a brand new single ‘Extra Terrestrial’. The band are another fresh act from Stockport, one of the country’s current musical hotspots…

‘Extra Terrestrial’, is definitely one for dancing around to, which the band will be glad to know as they have stated:

“Extra Terrestrial Is a song about relationships and knowing someone better than you know yourself. The constant fat bass lines matched with shouty choruses implore you to move. We were trying for something catchy with this one.”

In Other No Hot Ashes news, their forthcoming album titled ‘Hardship Starship’ is slated for release on 16th August 2019. 

To top it all off No Hot Ashes have announced they are embarking on tour this autumn. It includes a stop off at illustrious Newcastle venue Think Tank? Underground. 



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