News: Pete Tong’s massive Ibiza Classics show comes to Durham this month


In the world of dance music, there is no name more legendary than Pete Tong. He’s been at the forefront of the genre for decades now, his talent for finding the freshest sounds unmatched. It’s less than a month until Tong and conductor Jules Buckley bring their world-renowned Ibiza Classics show with the Heritage Orchestra to Emirates Riverside Durham and we can’t wait!

This unique show sees Tong and Buckley reimagine iconic dance classics with a full orchestra, bringing these beloved songs to life like never before. “There is something so moving at the collaboration between orchestra and dance – it feels almost primitive and as Tong and Jules Buckley unleashed iconic anthem after iconic anthem the emotion in the room became almost too much to bear. Here all ages came together and on brisk Thursday night worshipped at the shrine of dance.” – Soundplate.


Orchestrating the dance

An accomplished conductor, Buckley not only makes sure the orchestra is in sync on the day, but he also works with Tong to create the perfect combination of sounds. “For the first six months, it involved me picking the tracks, and then I’d talk to Jules about what the process was going to be from conception to performance. It was an amazing feeling actually, I sorted out the order and sent them a mix, then Jules would change the order a bit for scoring, but for literally 6 months everything was in my head, so at least I hear the original tunes, but the sheet music and the arrangements were in Jules’ head” – Pete Tong, Decoded Magazine.

a visual spectacular

Not only will the Ibiza Classics show feature incredible sonic delights, it’ll also feature a feast for your eyes too with an immersive stage show. “The stage set was a four screened affair stepping down from the roof to silhouette Pete Tong who was placed centrally at the rear of the orchestra in line with Jules Buckley who conducted the fantastic 65 piece Heritage Orchestra throughout. An array of special guest singers were also in place to belt out some of these classics and they were faultless in their execution of the various tracks to the point where you could hardly tell the difference from the original artists.” – XS Noise

Limited tickets are available for Pete Tong’s Ibiza Classics show at Emirates Riverside Durham on Friday 26th July



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