Nue North East: Hartlepool’s Michael Gallagher on his Newcastle headline gig


Fast-rising Hartlepool indie rocker Michael Gallagher has been making a name for himself in the North East over the past few years, stepping up his game in 2019 with a stellar EP and pair of singles. Off the back of these releases, Gallagher is heading to Newcastle’s Think Tank? Underground this Saturday for a marquee headline show! We caught up with MG ahead of his gig to find out what to expect on the night, more on his latest single and which Gallagher brother he’d rather support…

First of all, are you looking forward to your headline show at Think Tank this month?

Yes, I can’t wait!

What can we expect on the night?

Songs written by me, being played by me and everyone generally having a good time!

How have you been preparing for the gig?

By drinking lots of European lager. I am on holiday at the minute but I am sure preparations will get straight back underway after I touch back down in Blighty.

You’ve not long released your new single “Gone”, what inspired that track?

The song is basically a story about relationships and how they breakdown over time. The chorus kind of plays on the cliche ‘you don’t know what you’ve got till it’s gone’, but in the same breathe says well it’s gone now so just get on with it.

Can we expect an album at some point?

The material is there for one, so hopefully one day there will be a Michael Gallagher album.

Finally, If you could support a fellow Gallagher on tour, who are you going with: Liam or Noel, and why?

I’ve been to see both and I reckon it would have to be Liam because the crowds go ‘mad for it’.


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