Premiere: Miss Danby & The What roar with a riot grrl edge on new EP ‘Like Greta Garbo’


Newcastle based four-piece come together under Clarty Cat Records to release their brand new EP ‘Like Greta Garbo’. The six-track EP, which includes a secret bonus track is the creation of Miss Danby herself and her assembled creatives in Stu Coles on lead guitar, Fran Knowles on drums and Alex James on bass/vocal harmonies.

Lead single ‘Across The Hall’ lures you in with driving bass lines and sultry vocals, creeping along until a rip-roaring build crescendos and reveals the riot grrl sensibilities which lie beneath Miss Danby’s indie sound.

‘Like Greta Garbo’ is a six-track punch to your face, at once both sweet and harsh, with soft kisses to soothe the bruises.

Listen to ‘Across The Hall’ now:


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