Preview: Blue Rose Code – 28/02/19 – The Cluny, Newcastle AND 01/03/19 – Old Fire Station, Carlisle


Singer-songwriter Ross Wilson, aka Blue Rose Code, writes soulful and emotional music inspired by the sounds of jazz and folk. Catch him at Newcastle’s The Cluny on the 28th of February and Carlisle’s Old Fire Station on the 1st of March where you can experience for yourself his simply beautiful music…

Calling Edinburgh his home-town, sing-songwriter Ross Wilson plays an overall eclectic mix of folk, soul, jazz, and pop. Quoting himself as “A nomad both geographically and musically”, the Scottish singer seamlessly slides through genres, never stopping too long on one particular sound. Admittingly, he “writes from the heart”, explaining why his music is so incredibly emotive. Bizarrely, the mystery of the cult show ‘Twin Peaks’, to which the band is named after, is reflected in the soft, slow, and romantic music of Wilson. It pulls you into the drama and asks you to listen closely.

Blue Rose Code has generated plenty of radio play over the years with endearing pleasant tunes. Nevertheless, that is not to say that there isn’t any quality to the music. Overall, Ross Wilson is, no frills, plain and simple, talented.  

With four albums under their belt, Blue Rose Code has a plethora of melodious music. Debut album ‘North Ten’ was released in 2013 and includes the ironic ‘(This is Not a) Love Song’. With soulful vocals and the pluck of the double bass beating throughout, it’s a homage to the jazz musicality Wilson loves.

Second album ‘The Ballads of Peckham Rye’ was released in 2014 and contains the wonderfully vulnerable ‘Where the Westlin’ Winds Do Carry Me’. It’s a moment of true soul bearing for Wilson. Third album ‘…And Lo! The Bird is on the Wing’ came in 2016 followed by ‘The Water of Leith’ in 2017. Track ‘Over the Fields (For John)’ featuring Beth Nielsen Chapman is a wonderful example of the emotion and humility within his music. Although there is a melancholiness within his music, there are also moments of pure happiness. They burst through the music, ultimately lifting you up in times of need.

Blue Rose Code appears at Newcastle’s The Cluny on the 28th of February as well as Carlisle’s Old Fire Station on the 1st of March. Don’t miss out on such a class act.




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