Preview: Franck Carducci – 22/3/19 – Think Tank?, Newcastle


Progressive rocker Franck Carducci comes to Think Tank? on March 22nd to play an unmissable gig! Renowned for creating a fun psychedelic atmosphere, you won’t wanna miss it…

The unreal on-stage energy of Franck Carducci is electrifying. He brings more than just incredible musicality. He brings extravagant costumes and makeup and he conjuring a psychedelic atmosphere with humour and sensuality.

Carducci’s persona and performance oozes Bowie and Alice Cooper with theatrics and good tunes.  His live shows are a sensory experience where genres are crossed seamlessly.

Franck Carducci was awarded Best Overseas Band by Classic Rock Society Magazine.

Originating from Lyon France, Carducci moved to Amsterdam and immersed himself in the music scene there before taking on a worldwide audience.

Carducci’s debut album ‘Oddity’ dropped in 2010, followed by second album ‘Torn Apart’.

Both received rave reviews. Franck has been noted for the colourful and flamboyant musical universe created with his tracks and performance.

Franck Carducci’s band consists of the man himself plus Christopher Obadia, Oliver Caston, Mary Reynaud, Nino Reina and Steve Marsala.

Each of the band are talented multi-instrumentalists showcasing talents for everything from the 12 string guitar to the didgeridoo.

They play Newcastle’s Think Tank? on March 22nd, get your tickets now while you still can!




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