Preview: Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes – 21/02/19 – Think Tank?


Punk rockers Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes have an undeniably electric sound, ranging from punk to alternative indie. They bring their music to Newcastle’s Think Tank? on the 21st of February for a sold out gig… 


Initially starting out with a much heavier punk sound, Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes are no strangers to experimenting with their music style. Assembling as a band in 2015, their debut album ‘Blossom’ was released that same year. It’s a collection of punk heavy tracks, with screaming raw vocals coming from Frank Carter himself. Opening tack ‘Juggernaut’ is the perfect embodiment of the album: a fast paced and drum heavy, courtesy of ex-drummer Memby Jago, explosion of anger and rebellion. ‘Blossoms’ possesses a real buzzing energy, fresh with emotion and filled with uncontrollable noise.

In contrast, second album ‘Modern Ruin’, released in 2017, is a step away from this darker punk image. Instead it has a significantly more indie rock charm to it – almost cheeky. Carter utilizes the real soul within his voice and proves to be a surprisingly good singer. The album is an exploration of the lighter side of punk and suits Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes surprisingly well.

This new sound carries on into their new single ‘Crowbar’, from their upcoming album ‘End of Suffering’, to be released in May 2019. It’s a really juicy track, with a reverberating buzzsaw guitar, from guitarist Dean Richardson, igniting the chorus. There is a certain Arctic Monkeys influence here, with a topless-tattoo-showing ego from Carter to match Alex Turner’s notorious confidence.

From screaming vocals in his first album to more recent soulful and bluesy tones, Frank has come a long way. There is a volatile nature to him, unpredictable but all the more exciting.

Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes play a sold out gig at Think Tank? on the 21st of February. Those lucky people with tickets have the chance to see the up and coming rockers before they undoubtedly soar in popularity.



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