Preview: Indoor Pets – 14/4/19 – Think Tank?, Newcastle


The power-pop quartet from Kent, Indoor Pets are ready to blast through Newcastle’s Think Tank? on the 14th of April. They tour their new album ‘Be Content’ – full of infectious indie-pop bangers…

After numerous ups and downs on their path to greatness, Indoor Pets finally seem to be back on track. They’ve had countless issues with record deals, plans falling through, and even robbery.

The boys had £10,000 worth of equipment stolen following a gig supporting Bad Sounds in Manchester. They had a wave of generosity and support to help them get back on their feet, with Nothing But Thieves offering to lend their kit, alongside Fender with gift guitars.

Indoor Pets decided to sell tea towels to raise money, a genius plan that suits their unorthodox personality. Nevertheless, they’ve had further problems with recent public hassle on Twitter regarding their prior band name ‘Get Inuit’. They consequently renamed and it appears to be a shiny new era for the band.

Completed by Jamie Glass, Ollie Nunn and brothers James and Rob Simpson, the four-piece first formed just to mess around, not realising they could create such a brilliant sound.

Their debut album, ‘Be Content’, was released earlier this year and is a whirlwind of fresh pop. It’s a mash-up of furious, fuzzy indie guitar and bright, jangly, harmonious vocals from frontman Glass, making up sharp and exciting sounds. Insanely catchy and feel-good – the album is a good fit for their quirky nature.

Catch the band play on the 14th of April at Think Tank? in Newcastle, an intimate venue well suited to the brash sound of Indoor Pets. Buy tickets here!




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