Preview: Juniore – 16/11/18 – Surfe Cafe, Tynemouth


Juniore make mesmerising indie pop which sounds transported straight from the pinnacle of 60s music. They appear at Tynemouth Surf Cafe on November 16th…

The band are French and their lyrics are written in their native tongue. Those who may be put off by the language barrier have nothing to worry about however. Juniore’s music conveys emotion and meaning in a masterful way, transcending any need for translation.

The band is lead by Ana Jean, the daughter of writer and professor J. M. G. Le Clézio.

Ana Jean’s vocals and lyrics are wonderful to listen to. It compliments the rest of the band’s sound. Surfy guitars give off a warm, comforting aura (and are pretty apt to the North East venue they will be playing in).

Juniore’s discography is a little confusing. They have two whole albums ‘Ouh La La’ (2017) and Juniore (2016) but also a 2018 exclusive release called ‘Magnifique.’ Although ‘Magnifique’ isn’t available on major streaming platforms, it’s tracklisting offers a couple of numbers appear on the two previous records.

It’s almost like a sampling menu released by Juniore so that UK audiences can become acquainted in time for their imminent UK tour.

If you only listen to one song to help you decide whether to head to the Surf Cafe for Juniore then make it ‘A La Plage.’ It is an upbeat yet languid number, giving off a perfect lazy summer Sunday morning or scenic road trip vibe.

Tickets for the show are on sale now. Have a bit of je ne sais quoi about you and get a ticket.



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