Preview: Lost Society – 20/02/19 – Riverside 2, Newcastle


Finnish thrash metal band Lost Society play at Riverside 2 on the 20th of February. Stupidly fast and insanely loud, their hardcore metal sound is bound to blow the roof off the place…


The thrash metal scene can be overrated and overworked for a lot of people. However, four-piece Lost Society have impressed many with their nostalgic 80s inspired thrasher metal sound. Making sure of this is guitarist and lead vocalist Samy Elbanna, with his raw and raging vocals. Guitarist Arttu Lesonen, bassist Mirko Lehtinen, and drummer Ossi Paananen complete the band’s sound, creating exhilarating thrash metal.

Originating from Finland and forming in 2010, the band have a clear agenda of playing loud with an abundance of energy. First released in 2013 was their debut album ‘Fast Loud Death’, which portrayed the band as somewhat juvenile. Yet, this label was never intended to offend. Their absurd lyrics (track ‘E.A.G’ taking the lead on this one) and speedy guitar riffs ultimately see them own this immature image. Overall, they know how to have fun and they do it with fierce exuberance.

Following this, second album ‘Terror Hungry’ came in 2014 and was somewhat more mature, with subsequent third release ‘Braindead’ in 2016 peaking in thrash metal sophistication. It is clear that thrash legends like Anthrax have a big influence on these guys. Their music harks back to original 80s metal, appealing to those hardcore fans.

Lost Society play fast, loud, and altogether in-your-face thrash metal. It is at some points total nonsense, and yet they seem to revel in this. Turn it up loud – as it should be.

For the full thrash metal experience, head to Riverside 2 on the 20th of February to see Lost Society play live. Grab your tickets here…



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