Preview: Lowlives – 21/08/18 – Think Tank?, Newcastle


Newcastle hosts Lowlives, a rock outfit with members from The Defiled, No Devotion, Amen and The Ataris on 21st August at Think Tank? The show comes not long before they launch their ‘Burn Forever,’ EP…

Lowlives are a four piece consisting of Lee Villain, Luke Johnson (Amen, No Devotion, Beat Union), Steve Lucarelli (The Ataris) and Jaxon Moore. Though the band are relatively new to scene, they have plenty of experience in the music business between them.

This experience really comes through on the first two singles Lowlives have brought out.

The first of these releases ‘Burn Forever,’ is of course the title of their upcoming EP. This is also the first DIY release they have done and it is due for release on September 21st.

Anyway, let’s get back to talking about the track itself. There’s no nonsense here, Lowlives have created an all guns blazing rock tune with pop hooks. Villain has said that for Lowlives “‘Burn Forever’ was one of the first songs written. It kinda sets the tone for what we are about.’

Meanwhile, their second single ‘Thieves,’ is an even heavier, even punchier effort. It’s the kind of tune designed for you if you love a good scream along…

Grab tickets to see them at Think Tank? while you still can. It comes a month before the EP release so hopefully previewing the material will make the wait more bearable and get you all pumped up for it.



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