Preview: Polo – 23/10/18 – Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle


Polo will be filling Jumpin’ Jacks in Newcastle on April 23rd. The Leeds band have plenty of tunes that will meander playfully around the sonic realms of pop, electronic and RnB…

Polo are a trio comprised of Kat Mchugh, Luke Lount and Dan Egdell. The band formed in 2014 and their evergrowing output is refreshing yet accessible listening.

Kat, Luke and Dan first met as students in students in York. The first version, if you like, of the band was a duo Kat and Luke formed. Dan arrived and the group opted to call themselves Polo.

In an interview with Counterfeit Mag, Dan said I once said to Kat, ‘I’m not sure what Polo sound like, but that’s how I want to sound, because that sounds like a great band’.” Naturally, one the band had chosen a name it was important to get down to business and establish that sound.

2014 saw Polo bring ‘Visions of Fortune,’ into the world, an off kilter slow jam. It’s spacious, tropical soundscape was to become the band’s blueprint.

The other identifier of Polo’s songs is of course Kat’s vocals and lyrics. These two aspects particularly shine on the track ‘Gold Horizons,’ from debut EP ‘Alice.’

She liltingly sings ‘You’re the devil on my shoulder, but I keep mistaking you for an angel/ Knowing nothing til it’s over, I’ll stay right here til this falls down on me.’

In spite of being a Leeds act, Polo have some strong links to the Toon. They lived in the city for a year and last time they played the city the show sold out.

When they return this month there is every chance that the show could be a sellout again. To avoid disappointment make sure you get your hands on tickets asap.

Polo will be supported by Talk Like Tigers and Joyya- both promising electronic acts who come from the North East.




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