Preview: Ruts D.C. – 21/02/19 – Riverside, Newcastle


Ruts D.C. started out as London punks The Ruts, rocking through the 80s with their punk inspired rock music. They return and play at Newcastle’s Riverside on the 21st of February, performing their nostalgic hits…  

Forming back in 1977, The Ruts/D.C. have a long running history. Inspired by the amplitude of punk rock around at the time, including The Ramones and The Sex Pistols, the West Londoners decided to form their very own punk band.

They eventually caught their big break after touring with big names The Damned. As a result, The Ruts/D.C. released their debut single ‘Babylon’s Burning’ in 1979. Debut album ‘The Crack’ also followed that same year and is filled with guitar-heavy (from Paul Fox) classic punk tunes.

Another two albums were released before the tragic death of lead singer Malcolm Owen in 1980. The band reformed and renamed – becoming Ruts D.C. Standing for the Latin ‘de capo’, meaning ‘back to the beginning’, they released ‘Animal Now’ in 1981 and ‘Rhythm Collusion’ in 1982.

Their new sound was certainly more refined and perhaps ahead of its time. After a long break and following the death of original guitarist Paul Fox, the band reformed in 2007. They released two new albums: ‘Rhythm Collision Vol 2.’ in 2013 and most recently ‘Music Must Destroy’ in 2016.

‘Music Must Destroy’ sees the band valiantly return to their punk rock roots with a heavier and dirtier sound. It is an ironic twist with Ruts D.C. truly going ‘back to the beginning’. Stand out track ‘Psychic Attack’ is a real trip back in time, blessing your ears with those early punk guitar riffs and really raw rock vocals.

Ruts D.C. play at Newcastle’s Riverside on the 21st of February. Grab your tickets now!





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