Preview: Tangled Hair – 21/06/19 – Riverside 2, Newcastle


Tangled Hair is a three-piece band from South London that uses guitars, bass and drums to create intricate music, centred around their group dynamics. They are embarking on a UK tour, hitting up Newcastle’s Riverside 2 on 21st June…

Tangled Hair has started as a uni project. Their debut EP was originally a piece of coursework which was then released to the public. Thus causing quite a stir within the math-rock community. Their influences include indie rock, nineties emo and post-hardcore.

This was a new project from two former members (guitarist Alan and drummer Trood) of the Colour band who broke up in 2009. After the third member (Bassist Alex) joined the band, they went on to release second EP ‘Apples’ in 2011. With the odd live shows, they have been working on new material ever since.

In 2018 March they finally released their debut LP ‘We Do What We Can’, much to the delight of literally everyone who has ever enjoyed a song with a weird time signature.

What’s utterly remarkable about Tangled Hair is that despite their knotted and scintillating math rock appearing on the outside to be impenetrable, it’s actually fantastically listenable; blood-rushing and gut-wrenching at times, mischievous and joyous at others.




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