Preview: The Moonlight Crusade – 22/06/18 – Jumpin’ Jacks, Newcastle


The Moonlight Crusade are a beacon of funky light. After launching last year, the band are setting their sights skyward. If you missed them at this year’s Meet The North Festival then fear not- they are headlining Jumpin’ Jacks on 22nd June…

The Moonlight Crusade consists of Jonny and Dominic Noble, two brothers. With the addition of a further three musicians, drummer Michael Snowball, bassist Jordan Robson and keyboard player Jack Reed, the band is now fully fledged.

They have brought out two singles within the last twelve months: ‘No Denying,’ and ‘Disco UFO.’ ‘No Denying,’ packs a punch with it stormy reverberating guitars, incessant percussion and ticks all the boxes for the perfectly moody psych rock number.

‘Disco UFO,’ was released on 1st June and the name just about sums it up. It’s a cosmically charged tune with groove and seductive hooks to boot.

Though psych rock and funk are the most prominent identifiers in their music, The Moonlight Crusade additionally claim to be influenced by hip hop, RnB and soul on their Spotify Bio.

Regardless, The Moonlight Crusade are definitely worth checking out at their next show at Jumpin Jacks. In the meantime you can get to know the band a bit better here.  They are not the only musical talent worth checking out either- Palma Louca and The Noise and The Naïve are in tow supporting.




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